about me

Hey there, thanks for visiting this site, I’m Rod.

I’ve honestly never been great (or even consistent) at keeping my car clean. Never been that way at home either to tell you the truth. However, at work, a completely different story; I always kept my workspace clean, organized and lean. And I taught the same to anyone that worked with me over the last 20 years.

Recently I’ve been trying to change that. I work mostly from home now and have to drive to meet clients all the time, so I’ve been interested in how to keep my car clean. 

I started buying a few car detailing items in an effort to learn how to detail and keep my car clean on my own. Up until now I typically take it every couple of moths to a professional car detailing shop or I have someone come out to my house.

I am by no means an expert (yet), but I want to lear more and engage with other pros to help compile great car detailing information and bring it directly to you via this website -that’s what you’ll find here; tips and information from many different resources including experts in the field.

Getting in the habit of keeping a car clean at all times is actually very difficult and I’ve found this to be the case with many many people. So this is another aspect of what I’ll have to learn – to get in the habit of keeping my car clean.

I hope the information on this website is useful and practical for you and I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback!

Secret Season

Become a car detailing expert !

It's officially the car detailing season 2019! Beautiful, hot, spring, and summer weather for the next few months. Time to step out there and detail your car like never before. We have a completely new series of articles for you so you can polish those cleaning skills.