The Best Car Detailing Starter Kit For Beginners

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So you want to clean your car and not sure where to start, right? And you’re asking yourself, well “what’s the best car detailing starter kit out there?”.

Perhaps your vehicle has been sitting idle for the last few months as we all ride out the pandemic. But now it’s time to clean both the interior and exterior of your ride!

First, let’s cover some basics! Is that cool?

Your car is one of the most expensive investments that you will make. Whether you decide to buy the car cash or through vehicle financing, it remains a precious possession. You rely on your car every day to get you to work, to the shop, drop off the kids, and have memorable road trips with your loved ones.

As you continue to drive your car, dirt, grease, debris, and other particles are sure to start collecting the vehicle’s surface. This can have a serious impact on the exterior appearance of your car. When you fail to address these problems, it may have a long-term impact on your car’s appearance and even lead to damage on the paint job.

With the best car detailing starter kit, you can easily keep your car clean and shiny at all times. Many of the modern-day detailing and washing kits come with products that add protective layers to your car. This protects your car against rain and UV rays, while also adding a superior shiny finish to the exterior.

We take a look at how you can buy a great car cleaning starter kit. We also consider what the best car detailing starter kit is, and consider the specific items you need to effectively clean your vehicle.

By the way…

We also have a complete guide to car detailing in case you want to come back to this later. For now, however, we need to get you started!

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What Is The Best Car Detailing Kit?

There are quite a few options on the market when looking at an auto detailing starter kit. This often makes the process of deciding on a specific bundle harder – you may not be sure what should be included, which brand will give you better quality products, or how much you should really be paying.

By understanding what to look for, the process of buying a car detailing kit becomes easier.

The first step of the process is to determine your needs – and to do this; you need to start by considering your skill level. If you have not used a detailing kit on your car before, then you definitely need a starter kit. A starter kit should include everything you need, while also providing an easy-to-use system. This makes things easier and gives you an opportunity to learn how the products should be used for best results.

After some extensive research, we filtered down to a specific car detailing kit that gives beginners everything they need to clean, polish, and detail their vehicles.

Car Detailing Kit From Amazon

While many products exist when looking for a car detailing starter kit, they tend to differ in terms of what is included, quality, and efficacy. We found that this car cleaning kit from AmazonChemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit – is one of the best options out there for people who are new to this entire process. If you have been taking your vehicle to a car wash service over the years and would now like to get a similar finish at home – then this is the kit for you.

While it is not the complete best car wash and detailing kit on the market, it is an ideal option for beginners. The set includes all of the items that you need to get started. You gain an opportunity to experiment with the various items that are ideally used to clean a car. As you become more experienced, you can later decide to invest in a better detailing kit that is made for those who know what they are doing.

We want to share a few details about the Chemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit with you – giving you a chance to see why we consider this the best kit for beginners.


  • This is a 16-piece kit that really gives you all of the items and tools you need to get started.
  • Multiple car care products are included, including car wash, wax, and polishing formulas.
  • The kit includes a foam cannon, which make s the process of washing your car significantly easier.
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee that comes with the purchase of the kit, which really amps up the value you get for your money – plus makes this a no-risk purchase.


  • For some people, spending almost $100 on a car wash kit may be too much.
  • The formulas used for the wax and wash products are not the same quality as some of the other kits that are available.

Whats Included?

The Chemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit focuses on providing a true starter kit. We have seen many kits that promote itself as a starter system, yet it lacks some essentials that you may require while washing and detailing your car. With this kit, a total of 16 items are included in the total.

Here is a quick overview of the items that come with the arsenal builder wash kit from Chemical Guys:

  • Torq Foam Cannon
  • Honeydew Snow Foam
  • Butter Wet Wax
  • Silk Shine Dressing
  • Diablo Wheel Gel
  • Speed Wipe Detailer
  • Signature Glass Cleaner
  • Cyclone Dirt Trap
  • Detailing Bucket
  • Brush
  • Microfiber towels
  • Applicator
  • Microfiber mitt

As you can see, there is quite a large number of products that come with the kit. You can easily wash, polish, wax, and detail your car without the need to buy additional accessories.

How To Use?

Ease-of-use is one of the main benefits we noted with the Chemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit. Full instructions are provided with all products, making it easy for beginners.

There are multiple liquid solutions included with the kit.

  • The Honeydew Snow Foam is used with the Torq Foam Cannon. This is an effective cleaning agent that removes dirt and other debris that have accumulated on the surface of your car.
  • The Signature Glass Cleaner helps to remove stains and marks from your windows. This gives you better clarity on the road.
  • The Butter Wet Wax helps to provide a detailing effect on your car’s paint job. It also helps to enhance the color of your car and provides a protective layer.
  • The Silk Shine Dressing is a great product for adding a silky and shiny finish after washing your car. It goes on easy, which means less effort to get that perfect finish.
  • The Diablo Wheel Gel is added to make it easier to keep your tires and rims clean. The gel is applied to your wheels in order to add shine and a smooth finish.

Multiple accessories, including microfiber mitts, towels, and a handled brush, are included to help you apply these products. A detailing bucket is also included in the kit. Make use of this bucket to prepare the washing solutions that will be used during the cleaning process.

How About The Price?

One thing you will notice is that the Chemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit is not the cheapest starting system on the market. It is important that you carefully consider how much money you are prepared to spend on a starter kit for car washing and detailing. While there are cheaper options out there, you need to consider quality, products included, and other factors too.

After we looked at many different options, this particular kit gave us the best value for our money. You can pick it up on Amazon for $99.99. When you consider what you get, then you realize the price is really not high, as many kits with similar items and quality tend to cost way more.

Other Options For Best Car Cleaning Kits!

What Products Do I Need To Clean My Car?

Washing a car seems like a simple task, yet many people overlook some of the most basic items that are needed to effectively clean their vehicle. Thus, it is important to consider the specific tools and products that you will need for an efficient job. This ensures you can get your entire car cleaning starter kit ready before you start with the process. It also gives you an opportunity to be much more impressed with your efforts to clean and polish your car at home.

We take a look at the most essential products and tools you need to clean your car below.

Equipment And Tools

Start by ensuring you have all the necessary tools and equipment pieces on hand. It is a good idea that these are collected in a single location that is close to the car you will be cleaning.

The specific equipment depends on how thoroughly you want to clean your car. In some cases, you might only want to clean the exterior of your car. In other scenarios, you may rather be looking to clean the interior and exterior. You may require a few additional tools if you are going to be cleaning on the inside as well.

For interior cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is always very helpful. This allows you to pick up any dirt and dust that have collected on the floor of your car. A vacuum cleaner can also be used on your seats.

For both interior and exterior cleaning, a microfiber cloth or towel is essential. These cloths are made from a soft material that helps to gently clean your car, but still effective enough to remove any debris and particles that have collected on your dash, seats or the exterior of your car.

When it comes to exterior cleaning, there are a couple of specific tools to consider:

  • You need a bucket. The bucket will be used to prepare a concentrate of the car wash product you are going to use. The concentrate is usually poured into a bucket of water.
  • A foam cannon or pressure cleaning device is always useful. This allows you to use special cleaning products, along with pressure, to effectively clean your car. It also reduces the manual effort that is needed to get all the stains, debris, grease, and other particles off your vehicle.
  • A brush is also an essential item if you plan on cleaning your rims and tires – which you really should be doing. The brush helps to provide a more abrasive surface that removes stains on your rims, while also removing trapped dirt in your tires.

Some people also prefer the use of a mitten. There are mittens made from microfiber that provides a soft surface to wash your car.


In addition to the tools mentioned above, you also need the right products to ensure you are able to clean your car and add a shine finish.

When cleaning the interior of your car, you will need a good polishing product that can be used on the dash. Note that exterior polishing products are not always good for interior use too. Take a look at the instructions on the product. This should give you a good idea of where you can use the formula.

There are many different products that can be used during the process of cleaning your car. Below is a general list of the items that you should consider.

  • A car wash formula is essential. In most cases, the car wash formula is offered in a concentrated form. You mix this product with some water in order to create a foamy solution that cleans your car. This is generally the first step that you will take during the process of washing and cleaning your car. It helps to lift dirt off your car’s exterior. Some car wash solutions can be used as an initial cleaner for your wheels too. This adds more value as you do not need two different products to clean your car’s painted surface and the wheels.
  • A window cleaning formula is also a good option to consider. While some car cleaning formulas can be used on windows, we find that a product created specifically for glass tends to give you better results. These formulas help to enhance the clarity of the windows in your car. They remove any fingerprints, marks, and dirt on your windows. In turn, you get a better vision when you are driving.
  • A wax product is always a good option to get when cleaning your car. There are a variety of wax items on the market. Consider opting for a wet wax product that has a detailing formula. These products are helpful for reducing the risk of scratching your car – we have seen some waxes with abrasive ingredients. A wax also acts as a protective layer directly on top of the painted surface. A high-quality wax only needs to be used a couple of times every year, as it will continue to provide a better finish and protection for your car over a longer period of time.
  • Many people also opt for a shine dressing that is generally used after the wax has dried. These are sometimes also referred to as shine finishing products. They focus on adding a sheen to your car. These products are often used more frequently than wax, as it is washed off when cleaning your car.
  • A wheel cleaner is also a great product to have. This often comes with two different solutions. One solution is applied directly to the tires on your car. A second formula may be added to provide a shine finish to the rims that are installed on your tires.

You may find that some kits come with additional items to further enhance the overall functionality. These additional items may provide improved finishing details to your car. They may also help to enhance the paint job or further protect your car’s paint against damage from the sun’s UV rays.

What Is The Fastest Way To Wash A Car At Home?

Let’s face it – cleaning a car can be quite a tedious task. When you follow all of the steps needed to properly and thoroughly clean your car, it can easily take more than an hour to complete all of the tasks that are involved. You may find yourself in a situation where you want to clean your car, but you do not have enough time to follow all of the steps.

First, consider the fact that not all of the products included in a car detailing starter kit need to be used every time you clean your car. If you take some time about two to four times a year to go through the longer and more tedious process, then the cleaning processes in between these sessions will be much faster.

An example of a product that is only applied every few months would be wax. A high-quality wax product is generally only applied up to four times each year. These products are often thick in consistency and create a special layer on top of your car’s exterior. Once they have dried, the layer will remain intact for some time. Most wax products will give you an indication of how long the product will last on your car. This ensures you know how often you should apply the wax product.

If you are in a hurry and want to go through a fast process of cleaning your car, follow these steps:

  • Use a pressurized cleaning device. Some of these products are referred to as foam cannons. You can usually prepare your car wash concentrate and water in a bucket, then pour this into the foam cannon. Pressure will be used to create a more powerful stream of the soapy water, which is sprayed directly onto your car. This makes it faster to wash your car. Make sure you cover the wheels, including your tires and rims, with the pressurized cleaner too.
  • Use a soft microfiber mitt to wash the car after spraying the soapy water on its surface.
  • Get a special wheel cleaning product and focus on removing any debris and dust on your wheels. Make sure you wash both the rims and the tires that make up the wheels of your car.
  • Once the washing is done, use a hose to spray the car off. This helps to rinse off any remaining soap that is still found in your car. Spray underneath the car too. This helps to remove dirt that is trapped underneath the car.
  • Apply a sheen product to your car’s rims. This can be in the form of a spray or a liquid that you add with a microfiber cloth. Make sure you cover all areas of the rim.
  • For a sheen finish, use a shiner solution and apply it to the painted surface of your car. These products are usually very easy to apply. You simply add some of the product on a cloth and rub it onto your car.

What To Look For When Buying An Auto Detailing Starter Kit?

There are a few things you should consider when looking to buy a starter kit – especially if this is the first time buying one of these bundles.

  • Start by considering the specific products that are included in the kit. You want value for your money, but, at the same time, you do not want to pay for products that you are not going to use. Make sure all products in the kit add function to the system and will be helpful.
  • Consider the price of the kit and compare it to similar options on the market. Do not simply buy a kit because it is the cheapest either. Make sure you get a kit with quality products at the best price possible. I mean, just consider what you would be paying for if you had someone else detail your vehicle!
  • Your kit should not only come with products, but also the tools you need to clean your car. This generally includes microfiber cloths, a pressurized cleaning device, a bucket, and a brush. These are all products that will add extra expenses if they are not included in the kit.
  • Look at reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer. See what previous customers say about the cleaning kit. This can give you a good idea of what to expect.


Washing and cleaning your car is an important step to preserve its interior and exterior appearance. There are many products that can be used to help improve the finish of your car’s paint job, while also effectively removing debris and other particles from the vehicle’s surface. The best car detailing starter kit should give you a range of products that focuses on removing grease, adding a wax layer to your car’s paint job, and keeping your tires clean.



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